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Last Updated:  Nov 16th/2023


Members can book courts online using our Membership, Programs and Court Bookings website. Click here to login and make a booking.


There is still the option to book by phone (416-699-2412) or at the clubhouse, during monitored hours.

If a member is playing with a guest(s) a $10 fee is required to be paid in advance when booking a court online. 

If a member is playing with a guest, and is not making the booking online, the member will need to come to the clubhouse to make the booking and pay the guest fee in advance.


Guest fees are non-refundable. 

Timeslots for socials, junior lessons, public hours, team play etc. will be blocked off in advance.  

Most of the rules below will be enforced by the system. You will see a message if you don't follow a rule.

There are notes on the mechanics of 'How to Book a Court' on the tennisbookings website. 




  • ​A timeslot is 60 minutes long..

  • One timeslot can be booked for singles and two for doubles.

  • Bookable time slots start at 8:00am. The last timeslot of the day is 10:0pm-11:00pm (lights will go off automatically at 10.30pm). 

  • Courts can be booked in a rolling/moving time window which is up to seven days in advance of the current time and date.  The time window will be different for each player.

  • Players can be in two reservations in their time window, but can be in only one reservation on any given day. 

  • As soon as you have finished playing in your first reservation you are then eligible to appear in another (second) reservation, in the seven day window starting at that point in time.  

  • Any one of the players in a reservation can make a booking. It doesn't actually matter who makes the booking. The rolling window rules apply the same way to everybody in the booking. 


  • Courts can be booked in advance up until the time of play.  So you can book a court in advance including on the same day.  

  • All players in a booking will be notified (by the system by email) when a new booking is made. 

  • To book singles, you must provide two names, for doubles four names.

  • A doubles group, in a two hour booking, cannot be converted at the time of play to a singles group of two to play two hours of singles. 


  • Three players are considered to be a singles group, not a doubles group.

  • Upon arrival at the Club all players must check in with the court monitor prior to proceeding onto their booked court, so please arrive at least 5 minutes before your booking. Unless agreed to by the court monitor, players shall play on the court they booked online. 

  • The grace period (time limit) to claim a reserved court has been discontinued. Players are entitled to claim their reserved court regardless of when they arrive at the club. Players on a court will have the first option (ahead of walk-ons) to continue using a court until players arriving late claim the court. 


  • A walk-on applies to an unbooked timeslot.


  • Players are eligible for a walk-on if they are at the clubhouse and ready to play, with two or three players for a singles timeslot, or four players for doubles.

  • Guests cannot play with a member(s) on a walk-on court.  

  • When a doubles group has completed a two hour booking, or before they play a two hour booking, they are entitled to play the same day on a walk-on basis, but for only a one hour time slot.

       This rule applies if one or more of the players is in a previous or later                   booking,


  • Walk-on courts will be assigned or claimed on a “first come, first served” basis with the following guidelines:

    • Priority goes first to players who have not played, and then to players who have played less time.

    • All things being equal who gets the court will be decided by the spin of a racquet.


  • If there is a monitor at the club he/she will assist in managing walk-ons.

Personal Ball Machines.


  • Ball machines can be used on Court 4 only.

  • Maximum time is one hour on any given day.

  • A single member can book online by paying a $10 guest fee (use "Ball Machine" as the guest name).

  • A single member can not book a timeslot for singles with another member ,and show up alone with a ball machine. 

  • Ball machines can be used anytime on a walk-on (not booked ahead) basis.


Violations or Gaming of the Court Booking Rules 


The following are violations of the court booking rules.

  • Changes to the players in an online booking can be made prior to the start of the booked court time. HOWEVER, AT COURT TIME THE PLAYERS ON THE COURT MUST BE THE SAME AS IN THE BOOKING. Exceptions to this rule are allowed only in exceptional circumstances. For example, due to illness, family emergencies or events of that nature.

  • Add-on players (where there are more players on the court than are in the booking) are allowed within the rules. However, all players named in the booking must be on the court

  • If cancelling a booking, it must be cancelled at least 3 hours before the booked time.   

  • No-shows apply when a player(s) named in a booking do not show up, and no acceptable reason is given for not showing up. 



The executive reserves the right to issue penalties based on any violations or gaming of the system which aims to manipulate or circumvent the court booking rules.

  •     First and second offense: Warnings

  •     Third offense: Two weeks booking and playing suspension


If you are suspended, you will receive an email notifying you of the suspension.  -

 Unplayable Courts etc. 

If weather conditions make the courts unplayable there is no need for members to cancel a booking during the bad weather period. ​

 As soon as the booking period has passed (and the bad weather) a                       member is eligible to appear in a new future booking subject to the two appearance rule.  ​



During times where there is no monitor at the club we expect members to adhere to the rules above, and to use fair and considerate behaviour.


Monitored Hours:

6.50pm – 9.50pm Monday to Friday

8.50am – 12.50pm Saturday and Sunday.


Click here to go to the Membership, Programs and Court Bookings website.

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