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COURT BOOKING RULES     Last Updated:  August 19/2020


We have a court booking system for members. The court booking rules are unfortunately quite detailed and a bit complicated. This is necessary to ensure fair access to the courts for all members.

 To book a court call the monitor in the clubhouse at 416-699-2412. An advanced court booking can also be made in person at the clubhouse, according to the same rules as phone-in bookings.. 

No guests are allowed Mon-Fri. 6.30-9.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 8.00am- 12.30pm.  

Call from 6.30pm – 9.30pm Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday or  Friday to book for one of the following two days (not both)

Call from 8.40am – 12.40pm on Saturday to book for Sunday or Monday, and from 8.40am – 12.40pm on Sunday to book for Monday or Tuesday.

  • Bookable time slots are 45 minutes for singles and one hour and a half for doubles.

  • Time slots that can be booked are Mon-Fri. 3.30pm-4.15pm, 4.15pm-5.00pm etc. up to 8.45pm-9.30pm and 9.30-10.35pm (a bit extra time on this last time slot). Note that the lights go off at 10.40pm sharp. 


  •  Wednesday nights 7.15pm-9.30pm will be blocked off for the drop-in socials. 


  • Time slots for Saturdays are 8.00am-8.45am, 8.45am-9.30am etc. up to 9.30pm-10.40pm (a bit extra time on this last time slot).

  • Time slots for Sundays are 8.00am-8.45am, 8.45am-9.30am etc.up to 3.30pm-4.15pm.

  • Courts can be booked in advance up until the time of play.  So you can book a court in advance including on the same day. 


  • Members are allowed to have their name in an advance court booking only once per day.  Their only other option to play again is under the rules for walk-on play (see below).


  • Substitutions prior to play are allowed as long as the player(s) substituted in has/have not played already and is/are not named in another advance booking for the same day.

  • A singles group of two, booked for a 45 minute time slot, could be changed to a group of three or a doubles group of four at court time (for the 45 minute time slot), as long as the player(s) added in have not played already and is/are not named in another advanced booking for the same day. The monitor should be informed, and all three or four players will be registered as having played, and can then be eligible for walk-on play only for the rest of the day.  


  • When a doubles group has completed a 90 minute time slot they are entitled to continue to play on a walk-on basis, but only for a 45 minute time slot. 


  • Three players are considered to be a singles group, not a doubles group.  

  •  Courts must  be booked by one of the players who will be playing in a singles or doubles group. One member cannot call and book another time slot(s) for other members in the same phone call, or another phone call. That is, one time slot booking per phone call or at the clubhouse, and the member calling must be in the playing group.

  • To book singles, you will need to provide two names, for doubles four names. Names can be a member or a guest, but not a ‘friend’ or ‘to be determined’. 

  • If a member(s) signs up to play with a guest and the guest doesn't show up, the member who booked the court will be responsible to pay the $5 guest fee.

  • The need for players to cancel a court is unavoidable at times To cancel a booking players must phone the monitor at the clubhouse, at least two hours before the booked time.  If there is no monitor at the clubhouse, leave a voicemail message. 

  • A single player wishing to practice, or a single player with a ball machine cannot book a court. The best time for either is during the week during daytime afternoons when no booking is required and there is generally more free court time. 


Walk-on Courts

  • If there are any unreserved courts,  available courts will be managed by the court monitors for “walk-on” play.  

  • Members looking to play on a walk-on basis should report to the monitor when they arrive at the club or come off the courts after playing. The monitor will assign any available courts on a “first come, first served” basis with the following guidelines:  

  • All “walk on” players must be present, off the courts and at the clubhouse to qualify for a walk-on court.

  • If players finished playing at the same time and would like to continue play as walk-ons on a free court priority goes first to players who have played less time. All things being equal the monitor will spin a racquet to see who gets the court. 


Violations of the Court Booking Rules that will incur a warning or suspension 

  • A player's name appearing on more than one advance booking on the same day is a violation of the booking system. 

  • A player joining a singles or doubles booking as a substitute, and who is named in a prior or later advanced booking the same day, is a violation of the  booking system.

  • A doubles group, booked for a 90 minute time slot cannot be converted to a singles group of two to play 90 minutes of singles.  This is a violation of the booking system. 

  • Not showing up when you have booked a court in advance, and with no cancellation message, is a violation of the booking system. The player(s) who do not show up will be subject to the penalties outlined below. 

In addition to the violations mentioned above the executive reserves the right to issue penalties based on any additional scenarios used to circumvent the booking rules.


Members found to be abusing or circumventing the booking policies will be penalized by the Executive with a series of escalating suspensions ultimately resulting in the possible revocation of membership:
    1st offense: Warning
    2nd offense: One week playing suspension
    3rd offense: One month playing suspension 
    4th offense:  Playing suspension for the remainder of the club season


If you are suspended, you will receive an email notifying you of the suspension.  During this period, you will not be able to make any advanced bookings.


Unplayable Courts etc.

  • If the court monitor determines that the courts are unplayable due to the weather conditions, they will cancel the bookings impacted.  

  • If there is no monitor at the clubhouse due to a rainout situation, call the next day to make an advance booking (at that point it will be for the same day or the following day).

  • Upon arrival at the Club all players must check in with the court monitor prior to proceeding onto their reserved court, so please arrive at least 5 minutes before your booking. 

  • There is a five minute grace period, so players who have reserved a court can arrive up to ten minutes late. After the ten minute grace period the court will go to members on the walk-on list managed by the court monitor. The ten minute grace period also applies to players looking to claim an occupied court on a walk-on basis.

  • Unless agreed to by the court monitor, players shall play on the court that they were assigned by the monitor. 


During times where there is no monitor at the club we expect members to adhere to the rules above and to use fair and considerate behaviour.

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