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Singles Ladder 2023

The Singles ladder is a very popular event that has been running at the club for a number of years.

Coordinator : Pedro Quiroz (coordinator for both ladders)

Email        :

Phone      : 416-473-3982

                    (please text instead of calling as that’ll help me 

                     keep track of communications, you can also email me

                     if that is easier for you)



In 2023, Dentonia will be offering two ladders:

1) Singles Ladder, open to all

2) Ladies Ladder, open to female players

The ladder fee for 2023 is $20 for the season. 


  • 1) A player may join one ladder for the season.

  • 2) A female player may switch between the Singles ladder and the Ladies ladder, but may only participate in a single box for any month.

  • 3) Offpeak players can not join the ladder.

To join, players must register in the booking system under Tennis Challenge Ladder -> Register for Ladder and select the type of ladder which is their preference for the first month's play. To join the ladder, register and pay the registration fee through the booking system a few days before the end of any month. The price to join stays the same throughout the season.  Signup fees paid are not refundable if a participant leaves or is removed from the Ladder before the end of the season.


Players will receive contact information for players in their respective boxes via email prior to the start date of each month. Players are responsible for scheduling their own matches with other players in their box, and to provide their own tennis balls.


Click HERE to go to the Membership system.

Click HERE to read the ladder rules.


If you have any questions, send an email to the ladder coordinator at


A player may also sign up for the ladder and pay their registration fee in the clubhouse during monitored hours.




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